JIRA User Training

Key Features

  • 1

    Atlassian JIRA User Training

  • 2

    What is JIRA?

  • 3

    JIRA roles

  • 4

    Navigating JIRA

  • 5

    Issues Hierarchy

  • 6

    Managing Issues

  • 7

    Workflow Concepts

  • 8

    Version management

Our Training Program

  • For individuals

    Classroom Training
    • 2 Days Classroom Training
    • Instructor-led Sessions
    • Assignments Forum
    • Real-life Case Studies
  • For business

    Corporate Training
    • Customized, in-company training
    • Enhanced reporting for individuals and teams
    • 24x7 teaching assistance and support

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The JIRA Fundamentals training course provides the ideal jumpstart for your team to use JIRA more effectively. The material covers all features of the product from an end-user’s perspective, and provides a solid foundation for users with all levels of experience, since it explains the most effective ways to use JIRA and some handy tips for getting the most value out of the software.

  • JIRA concepts
  • Customizing your dashboards
  • JIRA agile fundamentals
  • Working with an issue
  • Searching for issues and jira reports
  • JIRA for Scrum teams
  • JIRA for Kanban teams

After the completion of this training you will become proficient with:

  • Creating and Managing issues
  • Using the jira-workflow
  • Attachments
  • Bulk operations
  • Linking issues
  • Using JIRA Reports
  • Using Jira Query Language in issue navigator
  • Searching for issues
  • Saving searches for later use
  • Adding Filters
  • Setting up a personal dashboard
  • Add filters and gadgets on personal dashboard
  • Manage your jira account

This class is a prerequisite for all other JIRA courses. JIRA experience or issue tracking systems is not required. You get certified as JIRA professional after you have attended this class.

"This course is designed for novice or new JIRA users

  • Product managers
  • Project administrators
  • JIRA application admins
  • System admins
  • Software Testers
  • Test Leads
  • Test Managers
  • Developers
  • Development Managers
  • Business Analysts

There is no exam associated with it. However, attending the class really needs Basic knowledge of Windows interfaces as a pre-requiste. You would also need access to a laptop and active internet connection

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