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You don’t build business, you build people and then the people build the business.

Human resource is the most important pillar of any leading business today. We at Learning Mudra will be your companion on your way to achieve your dreams. We along with our other services, for an individual, help you to find the right place to work in. For an organisation, we help you to find the right talent at the right time. Not just the technical aspects for a job, but also we welcome people who have shaped themselves in a holistic mindset. Hiring a person with character is what matters the most, skills are embedded as the person grows. We look for candidates who have the dedication to work, where money is not the only motivation.

We have trained people in :

- Ethics and integrity- making aware of what is right, wrong and just.
- Self-Motivation- how to inspire oneself when facing biggest hurdles.
- Competency- delivering the value expected by the organisation.
- Work with affiliation- how to make cordial relations with teammates.
- Professionalism- to attain success, a sense of professionalism is required.
- Leadership- skills and traits to overcome all the challenges.

Recruitment Solutions for Pharma Industry :

When talking about Pharma industry, the first thing to come in your mind would be- why should I choose Pharma industry as my career? One of the most regulated industries of India is that of pharmaceuticals. The Pharma industry has been growing immensely with more than 15% every year. This also indicates a growth for the employees and therefore gives job security. In fact, with a rise in medical tourism across the world, India is the most benefitted as it provides the service with minimum cost. As time passes by, Indian Pharma industry is going to be largest in the world’s pharmaceutical market because its costs are 33% lower than that of the western countries. There are innumerable Pharma companies in India, which is still increasing considering at the revenue arising by the same. Indian pharmaceutical industry provides employment to over 29 million people and also contributes a lot to the export earnings.

We have trained many individuals who have the urge to make a career in the Pharma industry. Pharma industry has a very wide scope and requires well trained people to work in it and initiate to a higher level. From research and development to sales and marketing, we have provided jobs to a lot of talent heads. We have co-ordinated with the biggest giants in the Pharma industry and accommodate individuals on their behalf. Whether you are from a commerce or science background (not from Pharma industry), but have the desire to attain success though Pharma Industry, we come to your rescue.The people trained by us not only get the jobs in pharma companies but also make a long term career irrespective of the field they come from. The Pharma companies should rest assured that the trained man power provided by us is at par with the other pharma and science graduates. They know the industry insights indepth even before they join the pharma company.

We cover the following in details during our 100 hrs training session:

Knowledge based topics :

- Selling as a Profession
- Pharmaceutical Industry
- Medical Language
- Pharmacology
- Various Therapeutic Segments
- Anatomy & Physiology of human body and different systems of the body
- Job of Medical Representative
- Various formats

Skill based topics :

Not just the technical aspect, but we will also train you on the soft skills required to perform better in the industry. Below are the listed categories of skills we will train you in.

- Art of Listening
- Communication Skills/ Detailing
- Sales Cycle
- Selling Skills
- Retail Chemist Prescription Audit
- Personal Order Booking
- Relationship Marketing
- English Speaking
- Basic Computers: Word
- Basic Computers: Excel
- Basic Computers: Power Point
- Grooming, Hygiene, Dressing
- Professional Ettiquettes
- Public Speaking
- Preparing Plan for the day & Bag
- Participating Stalls/ Conferences
- Joint Working with Managers
- Preparing Reports
- Launching New Products
- Preparing CV & application
- Interview Preparation
- Selling through Surprises

Attitude based topics :

Once the candidate is trained in the technical and skills based concepts, they will directly be sent for on-the-job training. They will go through the finest development level, and be groomed and tested for the same.For technical sessions, understanding of the trainees is be evaluated through questionnaire which will be part of the Trainee's Work Book. In today’s changing world, the way you present yourself, matters the most. Therefore the employees will be edified more on that. Also, the major focus of your trainer will also be stressed on your interpersonal skills. Once the trainee successfully completes all the training program, he is placed in the industry.

Our trainees have already been placed in :

-Pharmaceuticals Companies - Pfizer, Glenmark, Jubilant, Aureate, Aveta, Aristagen, Biota, Biochemix, Cancure, Canvarzys, Dios, Dermatek, Endocard, Lezivia, Monard, Optho Remedies, Ozone, Pebble, Salve, Shalaks, Unipath
-Veterinary Companies- Bovian, Vetsfarma
-FMCG/OTC Companies- Next inc., Wonder Products, Mascare, Unifarma
-Ayurvedic-Aimil, Ozone

Recruitment Solutions for IT Industry :

Talking about the way technology has superseded everything in the last decade; it is all because of the innovative imagination of the manpower, especially in India. Working in one of the well- known IT companies, has been a dream for lot of job-seekers. Most of the big companies, MNC’s have reached to that level because of their IT system, even if it is outsourced. With such big challenges faced by the economy, when demonetisation was hit, IT was a sector which wasn’t affected much. Also when the country is moving towards a digital economy, where everything would be computerised, IT sector will be the one running with masterminds, and minimum jobs would be laid off. Therefore, IT is one of the fastest growing sectors now, whether developing or delivering systems.

If you are a candidate and seeking a job in IT sector, do share your resume with us. We along with the corporate have been looking forward to talent like yours. If you are an IT corporate and have manpower requirements like that of Developers, Testers, Scrum Masters, Business Analysts, Team level Agile Coaches, Enterprise level Agile coaches, Product Managers, Project managers, Management Consultants, CXOs (on demand) etc who are already certified viz. CSM, CSPO, CSD, SA), ERP expert, DevOps, Hadoop and Big Data certified; then also you have reached the right place. We can provide you with right skills and knowledge at the right time.

Recruitment Solutions for Real Estate Industry :

An employee’s hard work and effort can never be bought but they should be rewarded for it. Real estate is one of the most profitable sectors to work in India. Real estate has grown tremendously in the past years, and will continue to boost. The development that is being seen in infrastructure over the years, the credit goes to real estate. Where the government is continuously planning of more and more construction and proper infrastructure to be made, the forecast is just that real estate will be on the boom. It means candidates hoping to build their career in real estate will have high job security. Therefore we, at Learning Mudra and Digital Mudra together also help the individuals to gain proper knowledge and skill to be a part of the real estate business, i.e. to walk in the path of their dreams. They get experience of real time working in our training sessions and prove to be great assets for the companies where they join post our training.

A perfect real estate employee could be the one with great interpersonal and negotiation skills. They must also have the knowledge of recently implemented RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) and how it has contributed to the welfare of the buyer and seller both in the Real Estate market. Even if the job seeker doesn’t have the former skills, we train them as prospective seller, buyer and employee of the industry.

While training and making the people ready for the Real Estate industry we make them cover topics like:

-Indian Real Estate Industry
-Growth Drivers of Real Estate Industry
-Current Market scenario
-Basics of real estate & importance in sale
-Location and growth drivers
-Sales Process

Anticipation :

Corporate looking for trained and efficient human resource who can immediately start the job and can be relied for long term sustenance in the market. Also, candidates who aspire to join the Real Estate industry, our platform Digital Mudra and Learning Mudra can help both Organization and the prospective employee, to direct their goals in one direction.

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